Here’s where you’ll find all my finished work. It will be a sampling from freelance, personal, and professional. Click the images for larger versions.

3D World Ninja

This was a render I did for the cover of 3D World Magazine. The tutorial in the magazine covers how I created this character from scratch uzing Zbrush and Keyshot.

3d World Cover


This mech was created for the upcoming Skywings Film. Sketched in ZBrush and modeled in 3ds Max.

Skywings Front Render
Skywings Back Render
Skywings Back Flashlight

Pilot's Helmet

This helmet was designed and created in ZBrush during 4r4 beta testing. It was a lot of fun to test out the new ZBrush features on it.

Pilot's Helmet
Bubble Helmet

Eat3D Mech

This was my mech for the Eat3D hardsurface tutorial, teaching people how to create hard surface objects in ZBrush.

Eat3d Final Render

Hipster Girl

This was a female bust quick sketch. It was done from a sphere in around 10 hours or so. The main purpose for this was to work on my females, cloth, and expression.

Pope Cloth Study

Sculpted in Zbrush from a sphere. I wanted to learn how to sculpt cloth, and this was a very helpful exercise. It was inspired by a sculpture of Pope Pius XII I saw while in the Vatican by Francesco Messina.

Nvidia Soldiers

These characters were created for Nvidia to promote new graphics cards. The characters were gestured in ZBrush, and finished in 3ds Max.

Nvidia Soldier
Nvidia Soldier
Nvidia Soldier
Nvidia Heavy Mech

Zen of ZBrush Robot

This was one of my first tests of hard surface in ZBrush. It was created for the Zen of ZBrush book. It was a lot of fun to create and was the thing that got me addicted to ZBrush.

Drone Sniper Clay
Drone Sniper Clay Back
Drone Sniper Screens